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Rodeo #2

Chosen as #5 on Bubbles’ Favorite Single Issues/Zines of 2020

Chosen as one of Panel Patter’s Favorite Comics of 2020

Recipient of a 2020 MICE Mini-Grant

IN THIS ISSUE: Abigail Knox explores the cobwebbed corners of her family tree after stumbling upon a familiar surname in a college textbook, in this issue’s main feature, “The Smoky Noon.”

PLUS: Noam fills in the gaps in his bootleg movie collection.

Fall 2020.

24 pages. B&W interior with color covers.
1st printing /

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Praise for Rodeo #2

“It’s a real page-turner. … It’s a good-looking comic, with the space to strut its stuff that it needs while still eschewing overt flashiness or forced stylization. Focus on what you do well, and continue to do better at it — that’s the philosophy at work here. … It’s one thing to surpass expectations as a newbie, quite another to manage to still do so an an established talent. Both are challenging enough in and of themselves in different respects, and both are challenges Salazar has passed with flying colors.” – Ryan C.’s Four Color Apocalypse

This is a classic alt-comics form, but like Hartley Lin’s Pope Hats, I sense an awareness the author knows they can’t just mimic Optic Nerve, and there needs to be a greater sense of literary detail than an indie film’s sense of oblique storytelling. … At two issues in, the reading experience is defined by this sense that we’re savoring the potential, of Salazar as an artist, and of the story itself, and it’s both tempered and heightened by this knowledge that the author could totally fuck it up, but they haven’t yet. … I feel like if you’re into alt-comics this might be exactly the sort of thing you’re searching for.” – Brian Nicholson, Long Box Coffin

Rodeo is one of the best one-person anthologies to come out this year and easily a favorite comic of me for 2020. From process to production, the work Evan is doing is very impressive. Whip smart and very funny- Rodeo is a must read.” – Strangers Fanzine

“Rodeo #2 is one of [our] favorite comics of 2020.”Gutter Boys Podcast


Rodeo #1

Chosen as #8 of Four Color Apocalypse’s Top 10 Comics of the Year 2019

IN THIS ISSUE: Abigail Knox assumes the role of household detective when her mother disappears one morning and a mysterious guest appears the next. “Medium Brew” is a story about memory, family, and imagination that is equally inspired by mid-century Latin American literature and classic funny-pages cartooning. 

PLUS: Rodolfo works the night shift, Maggie burns her house down. 

Summer 2019.

16 pages. B&W interior.
1st printing /100
2nd printing /

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Praise for Rodeo #1

Smart, sophisticated, emotionally resonant storytelling that honors its characters and gracefully eschews the numerous traps of easy irony available to it that lesser cartoonists would no doubt succumb to. Stunning, I believe, is the word I’m looking for … I want more Evan Salazar work, and I wanted it before I was even through reading this. What he’s crafted with Rodeo #1 isn’t simply one of the finest debuts of the year — it’s one of the finest comics of the year, period.” – Ryan C.’s Four Color Apocalypse

“It’s always a pleasure to get a mini in the mail from an artist with whom I’m not familiar, only for it to turn out to be excellent. Such is the case with Evan Salazar and his one-man anthology, Rodeo … This is a small, unassuming comic that asks a lot of big questions.” Rob Clough, High-Low Comics

“An extremely solid and satisfying comic … The emotion and storytelling on display in ‘Medium Brew’ are unique. More importantly, Salazar doesn’t miss a beat in conveying exactly what he wants to convey: he has set this comic up to serve his vision, there’s hardly any obstruction that you’d normally see in an ‘issue one’ out-of-nowhere zine. This is a thrill to read and should be a very strong series as it continues.”Austin English, Domino Books

“Highly recommend … a bleak, beautiful vision of domestic malaise and the mysteries of growing up.” – Wig Shop Web Shop

“I’ve been bouncing Rodeo #1 around in my brain for a week…”Optical Sloth


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