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Rodeo #1 • Rodeo #2 • Being a Stray Has Calloused My Paws Vol. 1 • Being a Stray Has Calloused My Paws Vol. 2 • The Ballad of Plain Jane Walker • Rodeo Etc./Extra • Trick Or Treat #2 • Bubbles #10 • Bubbles #11 • Zine Panique Numero Special • Rust Belt Review #2


Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo Grant Awardee 2020

Bubbles’ #5 Best Comics of the Year 2020
Interview with the comics podcast Gutter Boys

Smart, sophisticated, emotionally resonant storytelling that honors its characters and gracefully eschews the numerous traps of easy irony available to it that lesser cartoonists would no doubt succumb to. Stunning, I believe, is the word I’m looking for.

Four Color Apocalypse

“I feel like if you’re into alternative comics this might be exactly the sort of thing you’re searching for.”

Long Box Coffin

“Highly recommend … a bleak, beautiful vision of domestic malaise and the mysteries of growing up.

Wig Shop Web Shop

Rodeo feels personal; it’s well-executed, paced appropriately, and tight. Impressive.”

Panel Patter


On Writing Comics

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The essay “On Writing Comics” collects my thoughts and research on the practice of composing sequential images. Features thoughts from and about John Stanley, Todd McFarlane, Lynda Barry, Ernie Bushmiller, and more.

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Being a Stray Vol. 2 OUT NOW!

Buy it here. The flat file has been cracked open once again for the second installment of Evan Salazar’s comics compendium BEING A STRAY HAS CALLOUSED MY PAWS VOL 2: SELECTED DRAWINGS AND COMICS 2020-2023. Clocking in at 64 pages, volume two features a never-before-published Knox Family Tree story, a new translation of a comic…

MACE in SF – May 7

Check, check. Anyone out there? I haven’t updated this in literal years. Not that I think anyone looked at it to begin with but maybe there are readers of mine out there who don’t have instagram and get all their Rodeo Comics news the old-fashioned way: my website. So for those desktop web surfers I…

Comics show in Columbus, Ohio

I’ll be at this mini-show with a quality line-up of vendors in Columbus, Ohio on Labor Day 2021. Come say hi if you’re in the area. I’ll have copies of Rodeo for sale.

About & Contact

email: rodeocomics@gmail.com

Evan Salazar is a cartoonist originally from Tucson, Arizona. His main project is the self-published comic book Rodeo, which explores the secret passageways that connect memory, imagination, and family.

Salazar has been published internationally, was the recipient of a 2020 MICE Mini-grant, participated in the Hocking Hills Cartoonist Residency, and has presented his work at comics festivals across the United States.

He currently lives in Arizona with his dog, Margie.