Bubbles #11


Hitch and Wally

I’ve spent a while now writing and rewriting this intro trying to find the right words to describe the work of Tim Hensley, who I and many others consider to be one of the great practitioners of comic art. Here’s my attempt: Hensley’s work hums with absurdist dream logic, relevant non-sequiturs, and post-modern nostalgia, evading easy description almost by design. This is not to mention his exquisite draftsmanship, hilariously (and often darkly) rendered in mid-century styles. The way his ligne claire artwork and loopy punchlines push and pull each other is central to his genius, and they’re further buoyed by his refined sense of design. All of these elements combine to create a uniquely familiar reading experience that only the comics medium can offer. 

I spoke with Tim by telephone in early May, 2021. We covered a wide range of topics, including how he developed his signature style, the French publication of his cult classic Sir Alfred No. 3, his drawing and writing process, what he’s currently working on, and much more. I wanted to conduct an interview that would both introduce him to new readers and give his devoted ones some new information, and I think we did just that. 

My introduction to the Tim Hensley interview from Bubbles #11

I had the extreme pleasure of my comics life interviewing the living legend Tim Hensley for Bubbles #11. It’s really not something I ever considered I’d have the opportunity to do. I’ve been a fan of Hensley’s for years so being able to chat with him for 2+ hours about his process was something out of a dream.

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