Being a Stray Has Calloused My Paws Vol. 2 + Live Area


The flat file has been cracked open once again for the second installment of Evan Salazar’s comics compendium BEING A STRAY HAS CALLOUSED MY PAWS VOL 2: SELECTED DRAWINGS AND COMICS 2020-2023.

Clocking in at 64 pages, volume two features a never-before-published Knox Family Tree story, a new translation of a comic appearing in English for the first time, drawings and cartoons from Salazar’s subscriber-only newsletter, black and white illustrations, sketchbook pages, unused stuff, process notes, and more!

PLUS! Nestled inside the centerfold is the 16 page mini-zine LIVE AREA collecting small press comic reviews written between 2021-2022 and the essay “On Writing Comics.” That’s 80 pages of content, printed on high quality paper with card stock covers!

Handmade zine. Designed, printed, and assembled by the artist.

Spring 2023. 64 pgs + 16 pg insert zine.
“Bubblegum” cover stock with b/w interiors

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