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Gutter Boys - Arts Podcast | Podchaser

I was recently on an episode of the very funny (and informative) comics podcast Gutter Boys. The hosts, Cam del Rosario and JB Roe, are incredibly talented cartoonists in their own rights who also happen to make great podcast hosts, and it was really fun to shoot the shit and talk shop for 90 minutes.

I assume anybody who knows my work also knows Bubbles Fanzine, but in case you don’t, Bubbles is pretty much the golden standard of the modern comic book fanzine and almost singlehandedly breathed new life into zines (fan or otherwise), setting off a new zine renaissance. That’s the way I see it, anyway. I mean, we’re talking about a fanzine where in its first issue Brian included a mini-zine within the zine itself. The first issue! Anyway, I love Bubbles, and recently bought the new issue, and was pleasantly surprised to see this very sweet review of my zine from earlier this year. The highest compliment I can imagine is someone being inspired by my art to pick up the pen themselves, so thanks, Bubbles!

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