Being a Stray Vol. 2 OUT NOW!

Buy it here. The flat file has been cracked open once again for the second installment of Evan Salazar’s comics compendium BEING A STRAY HAS CALLOUSED MY PAWS VOL 2: SELECTED DRAWINGS AND COMICS 2020-2023. Clocking in at 64 pages, volume two features a never-before-published Knox Family Tree story, a new translation of a comicContinue reading “Being a Stray Vol. 2 OUT NOW!”

Fundraiser Print for the Florence Project is live!

Head over to my shop to pick up a limited, individually signed and numbered 4-color Risograph print, with 50% of each sale in support of the Florence Project, “a 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal service organization providing free legal and social services to adults and unaccompanied children in immigration custody in Arizona.” Printed by the wonderful folksContinue reading “Fundraiser Print for the Florence Project is live!”

Happy holidays from Rodeo Books HQ

With everyone staying home for the holidays, I thought I’d try to provide some cheap entertainment: from now until January 2nd 2021, you can download a high-res PDF of the first two issues of Rodeo (Plus an extra 6 page comic) for just $5. Follow this link to learn more and to purchase. Stay insideContinue reading “Happy holidays from Rodeo Books HQ”

Liberated by insignificance

Comics are hard to make. Any cartoonist who is worth their salt will tell you that. Even the cartoonists who make it look easy, effortless, fluid — they struggle and wrestle over every panel. If they don’t, they’re either a certified genius or they’re operating at only a quarter of their abilities. What makes aContinue reading “Liberated by insignificance”