A Rabbit Freezing on a Star

Rodeo #1 received a very flattering review from critic Ryan Carey over at his comics site Four Color Apocalypse. It’s incredibly thoughtful and generous. Here are some choice lines from it:

[Rodeo #1] reflects an authorial sensibility informed chiefly by “big-picture” concerns such as alienation, longing, and emotional and physical upheaval, but nearly as committed to drawing out the “little” things that actually make live worth living : dreams, quiet moments of deep poignancy, innocence, and emotional connection. […]

This is smart, sophisticated, emotionally resonant storytelling that honors its characters and gracefully eschews the numerous traps of easy irony available to it that lesser cartoonists would no doubt succumb to. Stunning, I believe, is the word I’m looking for. […]

I want more Evan Salazar work, and I wanted it before I was even through  reading this. What he’s crafted with Rodeo #1 isn’t simply one of the finest debuts of the year — it’s one of the finest comics of the year, period.

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