You Should’ve Shut Your Door Better

Rodeo #1 has received another positive review, this time from venerated comics critic Rob Clough at High-Low Comics. Here is a brief excerpt, including a comparison to Bill Amend and his strip FoxTrot, which is huge for me since it was a favorite of mine when I was a kid: It’s always a pleasure toContinue reading “You Should’ve Shut Your Door Better”

A Rabbit Freezing on a Star

Rodeo #1 received a very flattering review from critic Ryan Carey over at his comics site Four Color Apocalypse. It’s incredibly thoughtful and generous. Here are some choice lines from it: [Rodeo #1] reflects an authorial sensibility informed chiefly by “big-picture” concerns such as alienation, longing, and emotional and physical upheaval, but nearly as committedContinue reading “A Rabbit Freezing on a Star”