Rock Me on the Water

I am sold out of the the initial printing of Rodeo #1. I am very humbled by this. There is so much stuff out there today that the fact people even found my stapled zine of black and white drawings feels like a minor miracle to me.

If you’d still like to read it and haven’t yet, don’t fret: Wig Shop still has copies for sale, and I’m proud to announce that you can now also purchase Rodeo from Domino Books. This is what Domino head-honcho and artist Austin English has to say about the book:

This is an extremely solid and satisfying ‘debut’ comic. Salazar presents us with what on first glance might appear to be a well oiled 90s alternative one man anthology comic: strong central story, some crackling short comics, etc. But Rodeo is far more elastic than stodgy nostalgia for Eightball style comics. The emotion and storytelling on display in ‘Medium Brew’ are unique. More importantly, Salazar doesn’t miss a beat in conveying exactly what he wants to convey: he has set this comic up to serve his vision, there’s hardly any obstruction that youd normally see in an ‘issue one’ out of nowhere zine. This is a thrill to read and should be a very strong series as it continues. 

And if you somehow miss out on copies from those two places, rest easy knowing that there will be a second printing when Rodeo #2 drops. I want to devote all of my off-time and energy to creating the best comic I can, so while it is gratifying to run a webstore and print up books in my basement studio, it takes valuable time away from drawing and writing.

And, yes!, Rodeo #2 is in the works as we speak. What I have done is in no shape for public viewing, but when it is, you’ll see it.

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